Our Process

We incorporate a 3 step process to provide a comprehensive look at reducing the Carbon Footprint of each community one at a time and this is how we do it:

Step 1: We provide a free energy evaluation or survey to let you know where the target areas are in your home. This comprehensive evaluation is aimed at identifying saving opportunities. We found with our evaluations that we can save the homeowner up to 25% on their utilities with our first visit with no obligation and an additional 20% which can total 45% savings if follow our recommendations.

Step 2: We provide a strategic plan to reduce energy costs and errors.
Which includes:

  • A final verification site survey before construction
  • A complete cost analysis revealing any cost savings
  • What a payback could equal between 1 and 25 years
  • The long and short term Return on Investment
  • A final custom plan of your choice

Step 3: We then execute the plan in a timely manner while making it simple, and painless. When it comes to going green we can do it with little or no out of pocket costs.

  • We provide all engineering and permitting
  • We assist in any financing required to purchase
  • We assist in any documents need for rebates and incentives
  • We provide all copy of our documents in electronic form to help preserve our environment.